Turriff Primary

Learning Powers

The Super 7 Learning Powers.

At TPS as part of our school improvement towards high quality learning and teaching, we refer to a selection of characteristics that make a good learner throughout the day, every day to use the language of learning to make learning more visible. The seven characteristics are taken from the aims section of the TPS Vision, Values and Aims poster: resilience, curiosity, deep thinking, team player, independence, motivation, and positivity. In 2019 the pupils drew characters taking on these ‘learning powers’ and named them.

Rocky the Resilient Rhino

Chris the Curious Crocodile

Drift the Deep Thinking Dolphin

Taylor the Team Playing Tiger  

Indy the Independent Iguana

Mac the Motivated Monkey

Pepper the Positive Parrot

The Super 7 were born! Staff and pupils now refer to learning using one or more of the learning powers. For example, “you are working brilliantly together to get the tower built, you are all showing the learning power of Team Playing Tigers, just like Taylor.” “Keep going like Rocky the Resilient Rhino, even though it’s tricky, don’t give up!”

Each week we have a learning power theme in the school and focus the Teacher Awards on them. It really is a whole school language of learning, one more way to make learning more visible and the pupils understand more clearly what they need to do to be better learners.