Turriff Primary

Enhanced Provision Centre

The Enhanced Provision Centre for the Turriff Cluster of Primary Schools is based at Turriff Primary School.

Aberdeenshire council are committed to providing the right support, in the right place, at the right time. In all schools across Aberdeenshire the Staged Intervention Process is used to assess needs and identify the required support. The least intrusive method of intervention is always implemented at first. All our children have access to universal support within their educational establishments. Targeted support is needed by some children and young people experiencing short or long term additional support needs. This targeted support is provided within schools (PSAs, ASL Teacher, CLD, PSW, I&PT) and from other partner agencies (Health, Social Work, Community Agencies).

However, some children require an enhanced level of provision in addition to mainstream education to meet complex additional support needs. Within the Turriff cluster Turriff Academy and Turriff Primary School are designated Enhanced Provision Centres where a specialist level of intervention is available either on a part-time, full-time or outreach basis. Currently in our enhanced provision we have pupils accessing full-time, blended and outreach support. This means that our children and young people are able to access a flexible, inclusive support structure accessing both mainstream and targeted specialist support.

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Meet the Rainbow Room Teachers 

Mrs Galloway

Mrs Scullion